What is a Social Entrepreneuer?

Even in this economy, or maybe it is because of this economy, there are new businesses forming and older business redirecting their mission and core values to give back to the world in very substantial and profound ways. It is the grey area between a for profit and a not-for-profit classification where the bottom line profit is not the motivator as is a business for profit. There are no governmental regulations impinging on the mission, dictating how money can be spent or what kind of corporate structure must be created as in a not-for-profit organization. It is just women and men who own businesses that are selling their products and taking some of their net proceeds and giving back to the people and places they choose to support.

That is what we are doing at ArabicaDabra Coffee Company LLC. We are also very committed to supporting other like companies that are mostly small, individually owned and operated and want to BE THE CHANGE as well. Please join us and BE THE CHANGE by buying local, buying from small businesses and by supporting businesses who care about the world we live in.

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