4 Reasons Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company Is Different

Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company is all about adventure. Our founder, Jackie Mendelson, took a morning ritual and turned it into a passion. After traveling around the world in the nonprofit sector, Jackie managed to merge her love for coffee, travel, and helping others. But these aren’t the only reasons why Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company is special. Keep reading to see what sets us apart from other coffee companies, and taste the difference by trying our coffee today. Shop our coffee and brew a cup of adventure right in your own home. 

Coffee being brewed

Fresh Beans

Jackie’s Cup finds the freshest coffee beans from growers all over the world. Jackie ensures the quality of our coffee by hand-selecting our beans, taking them to the roasters, and then bags them herself. Jackie has spent years traveling the world to find the freshest and finest beans possible.

2 people camping with coffee

Locally Sourced

Everything other than our fresh beans is locally sourced in Southern California. From our bags to our roasting process, we do most of our business with other companies in Southern California. We try to build a community of support for all our partners in our local area. By buying coffee from Jackie’s Cup, you will be helping small and local businesses create an impact and build their business.

Girl on her balcony with coffee

Coffee With a Mission 

After doing non-profit work with AIDS survivors in remote parts of the world, Jackie noticed that they were growing coffee of fantastic quality. But she then realized that the people were not drinking their coffee because they needed to sell it all to sustain themselves. So, Jackie decided to only source her coffee from people who needed the profits from their growing operations to survive.

Woman drinking coffee outside of camper

Supporting Like-minded Companies

Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company makes it a priority to support like-minded operations that also help people and communities in need. Most of the companies that we are involved with are small, individually owned, and operated establishments that want to make a difference. We buy from and support local small businesses that care about the world. 

Our coffee goes beyond just a regular morning ritual, or a midday pick me up; it has a mission to help people and create a positive impact. With the best and freshest coffee from across the globe, Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company is creating a sense of adventure for coffee drinkers. Shop our coffee and explore an exciting world of coffee today.