Our Story

An adventure in every cup in the comfort of your own home.

What many of us consider a daily morning ritual, Jackie Mendelson has made into a thriving business and a personal passion. At an age when many retire, Mendelson started her own coffee company, ArabicaDabra, where she has managed quite successfully to merge her love of coffee with her entrepreneurial spirit and her lifelong mission of helping others.

Jackie spent 30 years working in the non-profit sector, and the root of her coffee business emerged from the 12 years she spent fighting the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. As the former Chief of Operations for an AIDS medical foundation, Jackie Mendelson has a head for coffee and a heart for giving.

Adventure is part of Jackie’s DNA, which is why you’ll find it in every bag of Jackie’s Cup. Jackie’s Cup always uses the freshest beans, which are hand-selected, brought to the coffee roaster and bagged by Jackie herself, having scoured the world in search of the finest blends. Everything but the green coffee beans is locally sourced in Southern California. Feel good about supporting everyone who made this cup possible, and escape into an adventure with each pour.

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