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What Our Clients are Saying

Some kind words for great coffee!

Jackie – your coffee is AMAZING! I drink the Monsoon Malabar black – every morning.


Dear Jackie, OMG, you were right! Your coffee is yummy. What a difference. It’s very smooth and silky. Patty had a cup this morning and she said, “boy, what delicious coffee!”, not knowing where it came from. I’m hooked!

Dr. Cajulis

My social passion is cooking and entertaining friends in our home. This Saturday, I decided to make my favorite desert–Apple Tarte Tatin. I was delighted when from the kitchen I overheard my guests’ comments, “…YUM…ooh, oh my…wow… delicious!” I returned to my guest, to accept kudos for the Apple Tarte Tatin only to be stunned that they were referring to your coffee, “Monsoon Malabar” -not my famous desert! Since, your coffee upstaged me; I would like to offer a new tag-name; Monsoon Malabar / YUM! Your Website looks fantastic… I am so darn proud of you. I am drinking my favorite coffee this morning, Mad Madness. Interesting that I can now drink more then the half a cup I used to drink and my stomach is not jumping around and neither am I. Good morning!!

That was fast work!!! I just got my coffee in the mail. I had to stop everything I was doing to get that first cup of Afro-Asian Fusion!! It really is unique!! Never found another coffee like it. I’m thrilled! I was so disappointed when I ran out. Thanks again!! I’m enjoying it right now!!

We love it. It’s really strong, and holds up well to French press brewing. I love the smaller packs. I’m going to take some over to Donna at the coffee house. My favorite coffee from Jackie Mendelson who is in Los Angeles . She personally selects the beans based on her worldwide travels, roasts them only when you order and gets them to you ASAP. If you’re in LA, she delivers. I personally love the Sumatra and the Maui…


As a coffee lover who detests the corner coffee shops, I’ve finally found my all-time favorite coffee with you! The Sumatra is the perfect everyday/writing coffee, and the Maui is my favorite weekend pleasure. Thanks for selecting, roasting and delivering!

I am Regina Lark, an LA-based professional organizer. My business keeps me on the move. Since I was introduced to ArabicaDabra’s Sumatra – a strong, dark roast coffee – I now have an delicious way to start my day! I love this stuff!

Hello Jackie, I received the coffee – its true Magic! I love the package and the taste is great, all of us are enjoying it every morning. I will let you know when I will need a next parcel. Thank you very much, its a great pleasure.

I wish you a lot of success — thank you, thank you, thank you!


I always look forward to coffee in the morning. It’s a regimen with me to have a cup and scoot to the gym, jacuz and off to work. Lately I’ve been just taking my time savoring it because the taste is so damn good. Very refreshing to taste a completely different coffee flavor.

Jackie – Wow – great mug o’ Jill! Whole Foods has finally been replaced with better, richer, more delicious.

The coffee this morning….wow!!!!! Amazing. So smooth, no after- taste or acidy taste. Thank you. I’m hooked! Got gift certificates?

G’day Jackie. I love your coffee & your service. Everyone owes it to them self to try all your different flavors from all around the world. I’m glad I met you & now I have another GREAT friend & also a GREAT tasting coffee. It also will… be a GREAT Holiday gift and people love the person that gives it to them.

Thanks Jackie. I meant what I said, Your coffee is great & your service is super. For those hard to by Holiday friend or at the office your coffee would be a real treat to receive as a present.

I suggest you try several different flavors from different countries. I like Sumatra & Afro-Asian Fusion. You can smell the real smell of coffee. Enjoy

Jackie’s coffee is the best! Fresh roasted, free delivery, and oh-so-reasonably-priced.

Hi!! I need another pound of decaf! I LOVE your coffee!!

Thanks, Jackie. BTW, the coffee is AWESOME!! I’m drinking it right now. And my husband LOVES it. And for me to say that is going some because I am really picky about my coffee. Not many measure up in quality, but yours definitely does. As soon as you get back, I would like to get some more!