The Most Underrated Adventure Coffee: Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company

Your first sip of morning coffee isn’t just a way to wake yourself up. It’s an escape from your normal life to an adventure unlike any other! At Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company, adventure is what we’re all about. Our founder, Jackie Mendelson, has traveled the world to find the best coffee beans available and shares her passion for coffee with coffee drinkers like you. Keep reading to learn more about the most underrated adventure coffee around, found only at Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company.

Committed to Supporting Other Small Businesses

Other than our exotic, high-quality coffee beans, everything at Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company is local. We roast our beans right here in sunny Southern California, and we source items like coffee bags and burlap totes from other small businesses in the area. When you brew an adventure with us, you can feel good about supporting everyone who contributed to your coffee along the way.

Fresh, Exotic, Organically Sourced Coffee Beans

Our founder has had the privilege of traveling the globe. In the process, she encountered the finest coffee blends the world has to offer. We’re proud to organically source our coffee beans from exotic regions such as Costa Rica and Indonesia. It’s like an adventure in every cup, and that’s what sets our coffee company apart!

Giving Back to Coffee Growers Around the Globe

After 30 years in the non-profit sector during the HIV/AIDS pandemic, it only makes sense that our founder created Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company with a mission. During her time in various remote areas of the world, Jackie Mendelson realized that the coffee growers desperately needed to sell their beans to sustain themselves. That’s why she chooses to source the best coffee solely from people who need the profits to make a living.

Enjoy a Tasty Adventure From the Comfort of Home

When you brew a cup of coffee from Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company, you’ll brew an adventure! Our coffee is fresh, bold, and exciting. With every sip, you’ll enjoy the highest quality flavors the world has to offer right from the comfort of your own home.
At Jackie’s Cup Coffee Company, we want to inspire all of life’s adventures — big or small. Shop our coffee today and get it shipped anywhere in the U.S.!